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26 February is Trinity Sunday. At St Mary's church, there will be 8am Said Holy Communion, followed at 9.30am by Crafty Church and 11am Morning Prayer

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Sunday 19 May 2024, Whit Sunday

Whit Sunday - Pentecost - began with a Family Praise service with the children reading the bible passages and prayers. This was followed by Holy Communion at 11am. The Kyrie, Sanctus, Benedictus and the Agnus Dei from MacMillan’s St Anne’s Mass were sung by the choir; the Gloria remained Merbecke. The choir anthem was 'Day by Day' by Martin How, and Henry ended the service with a wonderful performance of 'Verbum Supernum Prodiens' by George Oldroyd.

Sunday 12 May 2024, First Sunday after Ascension Day

Holy Communion at 8am started the day for the First Sunday after Ascension Day. There followed much activity putting up the tables for the May Fayre in the church grounds and the tables for the Hand Bell Ringers. Then followed a short rehearsal for the hand bell ringers, who then moved to the Tower to begin the 'Welcome to Church'.A short choir rehearsal also took place before the service of Family Matins, whicj was celebrating the history of May Day.

22 children took part in the telling of the story with a power point demonstration showing pictures of what the children where describing. They also read the prayers and readings in the service leaflet.

The service ended with two of the three winners of the 'Write a May poem' competition reading their poems. One child was unable to be there as she was in hospital. Her poem was read at the service and when she is better she will read it at a later service.

Henry Smith’s voluntary at the end of the service was 'Gott des Himmels und Der Erden' by Karg-Elert. After the service everybody moved to the church grounds to enjoy the Fayre and the sunshine.

Sunday 5 May 2024, 5th Sunday after Easter

It was good to hear the Bell Ringers again for the Family Communion service on 5 May, the Fifth Sunday after Easter (it was also Rogation Sunday). Patrick led the service and the choir anthem was Loving Shepherd of thy sheep - tune Northampton. Henry returned after his Easter break and ended the service with an excellent performance of 'Carillon de Westminster' by Louis Vierne. Before the service a local resident arrived at St Mary’s with a wonderful display of flowers. She brought them from her daughter’s wedding which had taken place on Saturday and asked if we would like them. We obviously were delighted and said yes please. The resident stayed for the service and we hope to see her again.

Sunday 28 April 2024, 3rd Sunday after Easter

Sunday 28 April the 4th Sunday after Easter, began with an 8am Holy Communion service led by Patrick. Unfortunately there were no bell ringers to welcome all to church on this Sunday, but a Crafty Church service was held at 9:30am. The story was Jesus raising a Widow’s son. 12 children read the bible passages and prayers and the activity was cutting out and colouring the young boy on the stretcher after Jesus had told him to “Arise”.The service ended with the Crafty Church prayer that everyone says, and the final song was “He’s got the whole world in his hands”.

Sunday 21 April 2024, 3rd Sunday after Easter

Sunday 21 April, the third Sunday after Easter, began with Family Praise and the theme was the Empty Tomb. As usual the children read the bible passages and prayers, and several led the singing of the Lord’s Prayer from the Chancel steps. The Bell ringers rang before the 11am Holy Communion service led by Patrick. Three of our extra singers joined for the service. While the congregation took their communion they sang the Communion Acclamations (vv 1 & 2) from James Macmillan’s St Anne’s Mass. It was good to see Josh Tuffley again at the organ, and he ended the service with a variation on the hymn 'The Strife is o'er'.

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