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The October 2021 Parish Mag is now on line.

Sunday 26 September is Crafty Church at 9:30am, and will tell the story of Moses and the 10 Commandments; this will be followed at 11am by Morning Prayer led by John Kimbell. The music list is HERE.

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Family Praise and BCP Communion at St Mary's 19 September

Family Praise on 19 September told the story St Matthew, the Tax Collector and Disciple of Jesus. Instead of singing hymns two of our young congregation members played the violin and piano, with other children taking on the three Bible readings. Holy Communion followed at 11am and was led by the Rev Patrick Mukholi. It was good to see Luke Saint again on the organ. He rehearsed the choir and played for the service ending with an excellent performance of a pièce by Louis Vierne.

Family matins at St Mary's 5 September – Bell Sunday

Today September 12 was Bell Sunday. The Tower bells again welcomed everyone to church. The words of Scripture were read by one of the children and then everyone sang 'Unchanging God' - the Bell Ringers hymn. The reading was the second verse of the Bells by Edgar Allan Poe and was read by Sue Bish, who asked the children how many times she recited 'Bells' – someone got it right!

The Collect for the day and the Collects for Peace and Grace were all read by the children. After the last hymn 'Be thou my guardian and my guide' we handed over to Tony Bish, Bell Tower Captain, who explained all about the bells in St Mary’s Tower and when the first one came into the church, he was followed by Jill Glennerster, Hand Bell Captain, who talked about the hand bells. The Hand Bell Ringers then rang 'All people that on earth do dwell'. After the hymn ended Trevor Scott demonstrated Change Ringing with the Tower Bell Ringers. The children were invited to assist and many went up the tower. A memorable Sunday service.

Family communions at St Mary's 5 September – Climate Sunday

It was good to see the Revd Patrick Mukholi back from holiday in Kenya and taking our service of Family Communion. The Tower bells once again rang before the service, and all the floral arrangements from the Splendid September Fayre were in church as Rev Patrick had requested. His first announcement was that the congregation could sing – what a joy. Jonathan, our organist, had been primed and was ready to give a little more sound to the organ. The service began with 'O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder', a hymn requested buy Rev Patrick, and the communion setting was Stopford. The choir interlude was 'Lord bring one day to pass' - very appropriate for Climate Sunday - and the final hymn, another Revd Patrick request, was 'All creatures of our God and King', The final voluntary was the Fugue in G minor by Bach (BWV 578), one of Bach’s ‘free standing’ fugues. A wonderful end to the service.

Family Praise and Matins at St Mary's 29 August

The Family Praise service on 29 August told the story of Jesus making the blind man see again. The children read the Bible readings beautifully once again. The additional activity on August 22 had been a success as 17 drawings were produced either before or during the service on 29 August. They will all be displayed at the Splendid September Fayre on 4 September. Family Praise was followed by Morning Prayer with organist Harvey Lin. The reduced “August” choir did splendidly. As it was a 5th Sunday the Hand Bell Ringers opened the service with a an excellent performance of O Sole Mio. Jill Glennerster introduced the ringers. Although John Kimbell was unable to be present his splendid sermon was read at the sermon slot. Harvey ended the service with a magnificent rendition of the first movement of Bach’s Italian Concerto. A truly memorable service, actually a truly memorable Sunday.

Family Praise and Matins at St Mary's 22 August

Family Praise on 22 August, although not an “official” Crafty Church Sunday did have an Activity and that was drawing and colouring a picture for the 4 September Fayre. Several of the children read the Bible readings and prayers, one young girl played the piano during two of the hymn slots and another played the violin - both children were excellent performers. The service ended with a wonderful performance on the Bell Plates.

Morning Prayer followed at 11am led by John Kimbell, Authorised Lay Minister, told the story of St Bartholomew. The choir performed 'Blessed are the pure in Heart' – Walford Davies, and Jonathan Holl ended the service with a wonderful rendition of the Grand Jeu from the Magnificat in A by Michel Corette (1707-1795).

Family Praise and BCP communion at St Mary's Sunday 15 August

Family Praise told the story of the Prodigal Son with the children reading the three Bible Readings.

The 1100 Communion Service was led by Father Ernest Lennon, Chaplain from St Edward’s School Oxford. The Tower Bells rang before the service; the choir sang the hymns, psalm and Merbecke Communion service. Father Lennon was Cantor for the Gloria. A truly wonderful service and we are very grateful that Father Lennon visited us. Harvey Lin was the excellent organist.

Family Matins at St Mary's Sunday 8 August

Family Matins on 8 August told the story of David and Goliath. The children read their parts beautifully as well as the Bible passages and prayers. Two excellent pianists covered all the hymn slots.

Regular parish events (after Lockdown is finished) can be found by following this link. More detail about future events can be found in the current Parish Mag (which can be accessed online on this link).


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