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St Mary's church, Church Road, Winkfield, Berks, SL4 4SF
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Sunday 4 June is Trinity Sunday. There will be 10am Family Communion at 10am. There will be a Confirmation Service at 6pm.

Future event flyers are HERE. Use the buttons below to navigate to a webpage of interest.
Note that the Berkshire Chamber Music Ensemble concert in St Mary's church on 10 June contains a composition by the children of Winkfield St Mary's School. Buy tickets HERE

Read the current Parish Mag HERE .

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Music and Merriment online ticketing has now closed.

The concert will take place at 7:30pm at St Mary's Church on Saturday 3 December 2022.

Tickets will still be available, and may be purchased at the door. Do come!

Purchasing Music and Merriment tickets

Select the ticket menu by clicking on the box below.

Tickets for the general public cost £13 for adults or £6 for 13s and under. (There are concessions for Performers.)

To purchase tickets, click on the drop-down list. It shows two options, adult or 13-and-under. Select the option that you want to do first, and then press the Add to Cart button. This takes you to a new screen that brings you to the 'Cart' contents (summarising what you have purchased). If you want to buy the other ticket option, go to the top right of the screen. There you will see a 'Continue shopping' link that will take you back to the previous page. You can then select the other ticket price, and press the Add to Cart button again. There you will find that there is a second row thst also shows the second type of ticket that you have purchased.The cart page gives you the option to change the numbers that you need, or remove them. When you have finished, you can select the PayPal payment option if you have (or want to have) a PayPay account. Or you can select Check out - Pay without a PayPal account.

This latter takes you to a new page that asks for card and name/address details. We do not get passed any card details, just the address and email address. Please make certain that the Country/region field at the top says 'United Kingdom'. If it does not, select 'United Kingdom' from the list.

Filling in the name and address details is straightforward. You can amend the Phone number type to 'Home', but that kind of phone may not be able to receive a text message.

We will use the email address to send you your ticket(s).However, we will keep a list of ticket holders at the door of the Concert, just in case.

Music and Merriment concert

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